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Motorhome Shipping

South & Central America

MontevideoBuenos AiresCartagenaPanama

Since 2006 we have organised the Panamerican-Highway-Tour and have gained extensive knowledge.

From Hamburg / Antwerp / Tilbury
to Buenos Aires (Zarate) / Montevideo

There are 2 to 3 ships per month. Schedule will be published around 3 months prior to departure.

Temporary import

Tourists are allowed to use their vehicle in the Americas without paying any import fees. No Carnet de Passage required.

Base in Montevideo

In Montevideo we can recommend a good place for overlanders with electricity, water and wifi. Propane, supermarkets and repair shops are close by. It’s the perfect place to spend a couple of days in order to prepare your vehicle for the road.

Mobile phone & Internet

Mobile and smartphones work all over the countries. It makes sense to buy a local SIM card. Almost all campsites, fast food restaurants, etc. offer their customers free Wi-Fi.


Domestic animals are accepted almost everywhere in Latin America. No quarantine is required.


The supply of diesel is not a problem in Latin America AdBlue is available at some places. Fuel prices are about 30-50% less than in Central Europe.

Propane gas and electricity

We can supply you with the necessary gas-adapters and voltage converters (110 volt north of Peru).

Calculation of shipping costs to Montevideo & Zarate, if you are not travelling as a passenger

Similar to ferries, the shipping costs are calculated according to the length of the vehicle. The calculation is performed on the centimeter for the benefit of the customer.

The freight rate is currently € 390,00 per meter of the vehicle's length. Each centimeter counts.

However, smaller vehicles are subjected to a lower unit price.

Unit price for small camper vans & big camper vans:

max. 18 m³ & max. 2,50 m Width & max. 2,10 m Height
= € 895
max. 28 m³ & max. 2,50 m Width & max. 2,60 m Height
= € 1550
All other vehicles:

€ 390,00 Freight Rate
6,10 m Length
€ 2.379 Freight Costs

Port fees and terminal handling charge are about € 195.00 in Europe.
In South America a higher fee must be paid locally.

A fuel surcharge could added and adjusted according to the current oil price.

( All rates and fees can change until shipping ! )

From Argentina / Uruguay to Europe

There are 2 to 3 sailings per month. Schedule will be published around 3 months prior to departure. The sailing time is less than 4 weeks. The reservation should be done 1 to 2 months in advance (via email). Even short-term bookings are possible if necessary.
The freight rate is currently € 404,00 per meter of the vehicle's length. Each centimeter counts.

Travel with your motorhome on the same Ro/Ro vessel

You can accompany your vehicle and travel on board the same vessel. Prices per person start from € 1.971 for a double cabin, equipped with shower and toilet, all meals included. Opt for the owners cabin, which is larger and more comfortable but also more expensive than a standard cabin. In some ports shore leave is possible. You can drive your vehicle on board yourself.

In addition to the cabin price obtained for the vehicle the following freight costs are levied.

Vehicle length + height up to 7,00 m = € 1.161

Vehicle length + height up to 8,99 m = € 2.457

Vehicle length + height up to 10,99 m = € 3.078

Vehicle length + height up to 11,99 m = € 3.985

Pricelist (PDF)

For a voyage from South America to Europe by freighter, cabins are currently not offered by the shipping company. Raw shipping of the motorhome ist still possible.

Shipping from Europe to Colombia, Cartagena - and back

On an average 2-3 ships depart from Zeebrugge or Bremerhaven per month. The shipments have to be scheduled about 2 months in advance. The duration of travel of the vessel is less than 3 weeks.
The freight rate is currently $83,00 per m³ from Europe to Colombia and $63,00 per m³ from Columbia and back to Europe. Freight Forwarding & port taxes and fuel surcharges are applicable.

Shipping from North America to South America

On an average 2-3 ships depart from USA to Columbia, Cartagena per month.
On an average 1 ship per month departs for Argentina, Zarate from US.
Frequency & prices on request

We can offer you a Marine Insurance (including content) depending on the current vehicle’s value

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